Body Svasthya

This unflawed concoction which protects skin from bacteria meanwhile nourishing your skin


A perfectly soothing mixture of plant derivatives wrapped in red seaweed extract makes for an interesting combination for our skin. This unflawed solution protects the skin from bacteria meanwhile nourishing your skin. 

To achieve this, all you have to do is wear clothes. Simple.


Our product has been developed to help people with sensitive skin and aid the healing process due to dermatitis/eczema. The benefits range from antimicrobial, anti-fungal to anti-inflammatory. The solution has to be sprayed onto clothing, that embeds active ingredients into fabrics which are programmed to release onto the skin throughout the day.


Even with different dosing levels and being processed through numerous wash cycles, it consistently provides therapeutic delivery of ingredients to the body.

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Decorated Bedroom


So many fabrics touch your skin daily. Do you want them to provide you more functionality? We have got you covered.


Make your bed linens, towels, and any other home fabric help your lifestyle to be healthy. Get your linens to moisturize, nourish, and hydrate your skin.


Home Svasthya brings a game-changing technology when applied on mattresses, sheet covers, pillowcases, etc. with active anti-bacterial, antimicrobial ingredients will help you rest better. With good rest come good ideas, motivation, enthusiasm, innovation, and wellness.


With a host of different applications to choose from , our in house team will work with your brand and create tailor made solution that is unique to your business and consumer.

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