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Introducing one-of-its-kind nanotechnology paired with natural ingredients that nourish and protect your skin. It is designed to protect the intimate areas to inhibit bacterial growth that often leads to itching, odor, and a burning sensation as well. 

Svante's 3-P’s 

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 Introducing a revolutionary natural wearable plant based skin healing, antibacterial treatment for intimate garments has been implemented. This Finish allows Gloot's Menswear range to stand out and provide value to customers while also kicking off a new trend.



This Plant derivative based finish keeps the underwear fresher for longer, provides antibacterial advantages to the wearer, reduces the need to scratch and itch, and keeps the gential area hydrated and moisturised. 

 "It's a fantastic opportunity to give a long-term solution to a highly prevalent problem." 

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How do we work

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At Svante we have invented nanotechnology enabled sustainable solutions (patented). Not only are we sustainable, eco- friendly and ethically sourced we are effect and here is why.

This image shows why and how we are more efficient and effective. While other products remain on the surfaceof the epidermis layer of the skin and contribute, we penetrate deeper into the dermis layer.

All this is possible due to conversion of our plant based active ingredients into a nanoscale solution which helps penetrate into the dermis layer and thus proves to be more effective and efficient .


Our release mechanism is Sweat PH and friction, allowing the more impacted part of the skin to gain more benefits.

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Our journey to reach you

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After 2 years of research and development with our partner VIT we created a the first Nanotechnology enabled antimicrobial and skin healing coating. 

Skin Screening


We put our formulation through various stringent efficacy and performance tests. 

Writing an application
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Conduct trial at the client manufacturing/ dyeing units for technical integration with our team of experts helping guide the most efficient way to incorporate our solution onto the brand fabrics/garments. 

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To prove our clean ingredients we fulfilled the SVHC compliance by Intertek. 

After all the successful steps you journeyed with us, we finally coat the entire lot for the garment brand or Manufacturing.

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When looking at functional finishes, it is imperative to look at the sustainability factor. Svante has consciously incorporated abundantly available plant derivatives making a sustainable choice. 


Svante owns every step of the journey from carefully curating the organic ingredients and focusing on the safety, comfort, and protection of the end-user. Our product has been developed after careful Research and Development in collaboration with the best laboratories in India and rigorous testing to ensure efficacy and sustainability. Our product is REACH SVHC compliant and highly efficient in delivering the benefits. Our skin protective finish for functional clothing is free of heavy metals, Antimicrobial, Nourishes, Rejuvenates, Therapeutic, and made of sustainable natural extracts.