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About Us

Our Story

A certain NIIFTian Isha Aggarwal was tired of dealing with skin-related allergies that had lasted throughout her up. 

She had faced an unrelenting onslaught of rashes and allergies, that impacted her everyday living and her confidence. 

Determined to find a solution, she sought out Bhupal in Paris who is an avid proponent of sustainable fashion and was working on her own collection of sustainable fabrics to solve similar issues and promote ecological living.

The duo met Dr Arun Kumar Palanippan, an assistant professor for biomaterials, cellular and molecular theragnostic at the Vellore Institute of Technology.

Work began on developing a suitable delivery system that was made with key ingredients that were natural in occurrence and could be sourced sustainably. 

The outcome was a solution that is inert i nature and doesn't have any odor. It could simply be applied to the inner linings of cloth and it would deliver its benefits even after multiple washes. 

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Svante Group was born, the first of its kind to fuse nanotechnology and biochemistry to release plant-based ingredients on the skin.

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Our Values

Svante is a nanotechnology-enabled plant-based solution to provide effective protection against common skin-based disorders by spraying onto the wearer’s clothes or user’s linen. A simple spray-on farm-to-body clothing product that combines active plant-based ingredients and is completely devoid of steroids, alcohol, aggressive agents and heavy metals, Svante’s new entrant onto the skin care market is a never-seen before, one-of-its-kind invention. Farm-to-clothing plant-based solution To combat sensitive skin and common skin disorders in the Indian subcontinent. 

Our Team



Textile expert,

Business head

UC Berkeley post graduate in entrepreneurship, NIFT graduate in Textile technology and masters infusion  management. Having almost 3 years of experience working in many Indian brands.




Sustainable textile brand

owner, Market analyst

Post graduate in NIFT in Fashion management and has her own brand "The House of Akshar" which provides sustainable, and functional clothing. Good experience in the marketing, bringing value to Svante.



Chief technical officer- Nanotechnologist

Assistant professor at Centre for Biomaterials, Cellular and Molecular Theranostics (CBCMT), VIT, Vellore. Passion to work towards and contribute for the translation of science from lab to market.


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The Svante Group features a Laboratory and Manufacturing facility providing holistic solutions to treat Clothing | Bed Linen | Surgical Gowns | Patient clothing in hospitals | Basic Toiletries Linen. 

Svante’s technology is available in the form of sprays, socks and armbands. The NaturoSpray can be self-utilised on any desired fabric (please refer to the application manual). 

Svante is also qualified to advise on the best practices for applications like the GSM of the fabric, fibre quality in fabric production. Alternately, we source treated fabric/ clothes according to your specifications. 

Svante’s product is tested as per International standards from renowned Laboratories. 

Since our product confers to international standards, we solicit enquiries of partnerships & collaborations from interested parties pan Globe. 

We have two manufacturing & laboratory facilities in Delhi NCR region and Bangalore. 

Any queries are welcome. We believe to achieve the aim of Healthy Skin, Happy Us. 
We believe in the saying " Ek svasthya sharir mein he svasthya man ka nivas hota hai" (translated as a healthy mind resides in a healthy body).