Inspired from Nature

We believe in natural and effective healing that doesn’t harm the planet. Our innovations are made from pure plant derivatives to provide organic solutions against skin woes.

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It’s an urban jungle out there and the battering your skin takes every single day is real. NaturoSpray doesn’t just heal and nourish your skin. Our spray also protects your skin from harmful microorganisms.

A clinically proven product for its pure potency, NaturoSpray adopts a plant-based formulation to soothe irritated, overexposed skin as well as heals redness and angry rashes. Svante’s patented plant concoction that adopts nanotechnology for its unique preventative formula is also effective against several skin ailments such as eczema, psoriasis, and contact dermatitis.  What’s more it’s so easy to carry anywhere! 

  • No harmful metals and chemicals 

  • No toxic substances

  • Plant-based formulae

  • Easy-to-use, everyday spray on

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Constructed from specially curated all-natural bamboo fabric, our socks are not just responsibly produced, they come laced with healing properties to eradicate dryness and itchiness from your feet.  

Svante’s patented nanotechnology enables the wearer to hydrate, moisturize and sustain healthy feet. Soft bamboo fiber combined with this technology is not just inherently comfortable, it is also antibacterial in nature to keep your feet, clean, safe, and happy wherever you may be. 

  • Breathable, easy to wear bamboo fiber 

  • No polymers utilized

  • Plant-based nanotechnology devoid of any toxic chemicals or metals

  • Easy to maintain soft socks



Elbows and knee caps are not just the most common areas for scrapes and bruises, they are also mostly ignored when it comes to self-care. Svante’s Naturobands that easily fit onto your elbow joints and kneecaps will help relieve abrasion and any sort of scratchy feeling. 

Svante’s NaturoBands aren’t like other bands! We’ve combined organic cotton with our revolution plant-based formulae to deliver maximum comfort and maximum benefits. The antibacterial features in our bands help curb bad bacterial growth so you don’t have to worry about redness, itchiness or abrasive infections. What’s more the effects of Svante’s Naturobands lasts for up to 25 washes.  Goodbye soreness, Hello hydration!

  • Breathable organic cotton bands

  • Snug and comfortable fits without choking

  • Free of polymer based fabric 

  • Plant-based nanotechnology devoid of any toxic chemicals or metals

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